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7 Smart Reasons to Install a Gate for Access Control in Hillsborough

Are you looking to increase security around your property? Do you want to do this while also adding a touch of style? If so, a new gate could be the answer to your prayers.

Installing a custom gate has a huge number of benefits. Read on for our must-know guide to why you should consider a gate with access control in your Hillsborough property.

1. Protection

The most obvious reason you would get a gate around your property is for protection. Nothing offers more security than a high, steel gate at the entrance to your home. A secure gate with access control is a huge deterrent to criminals. If someone wants access to your property without you knowing, they will have to find another way inside.

If you do not have a gate or have one that is low and offers easy access, you are inviting criminals into your property. It allows them to simply walk up to your door or unlocked windows.

You can also increase the security with cameras. These work even better when they are visible to passers-by, so any thieves are aware that someone is always watching.

2. Keeping the Family Inside

An entry gate not only keeps intruders out but keeps your family in. While this may sound extreme, pets and children are liable to head for the outdoors if they see a chance. This can be very dangerous if you live near roads or in built-up areas.

By keeping pets and children locked inside, you are actually affording them a lot of freedom. They can use the garden, yard, and driveway as they like. In addition, you do not have to worry about them as they do.

With the gate in place, you also do not need to worry about them being approached by strangers. Finally, if you have any toys, like frisbees or balls bouncing around, it provides one more barrier between them and the road.

3. Keeping Strangers Out

As well as keeping loved ones on the property, you can keep strangers out. Criminals aside, a number of other unwanted guests may make their way on to your land. People may come to your door for sales purposes, ask for directions, or ask you to take in parcels for neighbors.

Wildlife can also make their way onto your land and wreak havoc. Would you want large mammals causing problems with your pets? Would you want ground squirrels and raccoons raiding your trash and chewing through your fittings?

Of course, these animals can still get onto your property. Yet with a secure custom gate, you are making it much harder.

4. Increasing Property Value

A gate with access control provides security and gives your property a very unique look. The attractiveness of the property when viewed from the street is known as ‘curb appeal’ and there are a number of gate types you can use to increase this.

Swing gates look great in traditional architecture. They ‘swing’ inwards so do need a lot of space. They are very heavy duty, and often need reinforced posts because of their weight.

Sliding gates look very modern, and are great space savers. They operate by sliding the whole door to one side of the gate. You will still need a good amount of space on one side of the fence to install a sliding gate.

Telescopic gates are also good space savers. They are sometimes known as stacker gates. They work by sliding or stacking two or three panels at the side as the gate opens.

Cantilever gates are another option. The gates slide on rollers, so do not have the aesthetics distractions you make get on track based designs. As tracks need to be cleared, the cantilever roller design works well anywhere there may be lots of intrusive environmental factors like leaves, twigs, and snow, blocking the track.

5. Watching Who Comes and Goes

When you do need traffic coming in and out of the property, it still pays to be vigilant. If you have colleagues, family, friends, or acquaintances visiting then you need to know if anyone else is with them, or following behind. You may even have deliveries that you need to monitor.

Once you add access control, you have total power over who is coming and going from the property. With the addition of cameras, you can even check who is at the gate and avoid answering if you wish to pretend you are not at home.

6. Lower Insurance

Now your security has been increased with a driveway gate, surely that qualifies you lower insurance? Some companies will say yes, and some will decline. However, that does not mean you have to stay with the ones that do.

Shop around, and be sure to tell companies you have a high-security gate with access control installed. Many of them will be eager to get your business, and you may be able to negotiate a lower price.

7. Convenience of Access Control

Finally, having a custom gate with controls is extremely convenient. You do not have to go out on cold mornings, to open the gate before work and run out to close it again. If anyone is coming into or leaving the property, all you need to do is click your remote control and open the door.

Do Not Delay

The longer you exist without the security of an access control gate, the higher your chances of encountering problems become. Decide what gate you want, if you need cameras and what style you want. Once you have this, shop around for the best quote.

Florida Gate Masters are the leading access control gate sales company in the Tampa Bay area. We have expert staff on hand to advise you and discuss our catalog. Call us today for a consultation, so we can begin securing your home quickly and efficiently.

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