Wrought Iron Gate

Custom Wrought Iron Gates: Where Style Meets Function

Living in Florida prompts different questions than it does for most homeowners. When it comes to gate entrances, the question is not whether or not to get a gate, butwhich kind to choose. 

Florida’s culture beams through its architecture. Whether you own a beach home, live near a country club, or have land for days, gates are extremely important to keep your space safe and stylish.

While most homeowners feel they must choose between fashion or function with home upgrades, we can give you both. All hail the wrought iron gate.

If it’s true that history is the best indicator of the future, then iron’s fate is looking bright. Iron’s been used since the Industrial Revolution dating back to the late 1700’s, which means your next iron gate will be epic.

When else could you buy something that has three centuries worth of evidence to support your decision? 

The Wrought Iron Gate

Don’t just saying the words wrought iron gate make you feel instantly stronger? Not only does history prove that iron gates are durable, but iconic buildings like The Eiffel Tower and Buckingham Palace show their elegance too. 

Using wrought iron for your gate entrance brings history straight to you. Here’s why iron remains among the most popular choice for gates and fences alike.

Wrought Iron Traits

Wrought iron is:

  1. Easily melded and pliable, making them perfect for our custom designs
  2. Weather and shock-resistant due to its flexible nature
  3. Long-lasting, up to multiple decades, which is crucial for Florida’s incessantly hot climate
  4. Low maintenance—as supported by history’s tallest and long-standing buildings
  5. Animal and person-proof, to keep out unwanted visitors
  6. Lighter and lower in carbon than other irons
  7. Most popular for architectural projects

Owning a wrought iron gate comes with a certain level of pride. Perhaps it’s because wrought means work by hand, which is evident in custom work. It’s like a home-cooked meal; you can feel the care behind it.

Get Right, Go Wrought

Nothing about Florida homes are generic. Slapping on a basic gate entrance to a unique building contradicts the home. Sometimes gates are the only thing passersby can learn about a house—what do you want yours to say?

There’s an obvious difference between a cold, threatening gate and a welcoming, magic entrance. Wrought iron is the best of both worlds. They say, If I’m expecting you, welcome, but if I’m not, don’t abuse this boundary.

Wrought iron fencing keeps the right people in and out.

Benefits of Iron Fencing

Beyond the aesthetics andstrength of iron gates, wrought iron can help you and your home in the following ways. 

  • Increasing property value
  • Having options for commercial and residential properties
  • Feeling safe to roam your large property
  • Creating a healthy separation from you and your neighbors or among different parts of your property
  • Having more control over who enters your property 
  • Having no stress around maintenance
  • Trusting the gate’s security
  • Loving what you come home to every day
  • Taking pride in your home

No one talks about the shadow side of owning your dream home. While big homes are beautiful, managing your space can be a huge stressor. Not being able to see your driveway from your house is a safety concern—especially if you live alone.

An iron fence is an easy way to live freely. If you can’t do that, it defeats the whole purpose of owning your home.

Gates of Glory

While wrought iron gates are known to make elegant designs, they can take on other aesthetics too. Mixing and matching iron with your other fence materials—wood, steel, or brick—can make for a unique and unexpected introduction to the house.

Usually home upgrades require compromise. Here, wrought iron gates meld to your needs—literally. In order to do that, however, you need to know what you’re wanting them to say.

Asking yourself these questions can help you visualize your next iron gates.

  1. Do I want my gate to match my fence, or complement it?
  2. What do I want to feel (and others to feel) when they pull up to my gate?
  3. Can my gate design mean something to me?
  4. What am I wanting to communicate?
  5. How can I make it so that this gate says it? 

Gates are important. Not only for their function and fashion purposes, but they’re a loaded symbol in society. They represent how we relate to our homes, our space, and other people.

Gates can be an invitation or a barrier. They can be a statement piece or understated. Like any home improvement, choosing your wrought iron gate design may require a bit of soul searching.

Every home decision reflects an aspect of us in some way. As the almighty gatekeeper of your home, the gate is your first hello. So what does your hello look like?

Let’s Get Welding

A wrought iron gate is the right gate to have. While its name may be intimidating, this type of steel is mild and friendly in nature. It’s vulnerable in the way it bends without breaking, and in that lies its strength.

Wrought iron gates are the answer for Floridian homes. For houses with eclectic colors, poignant styles and eye-catching architecture, wrought iron gates and fences are right for the task.

Having custom welders only makes sense for Florida. Wrought iron’s what we do. We’re ready to wrought some iron to suit your welding wishes.

Schedule your free estimate today and let’s get welding!

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