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Home Custom Gate Installation in Tampa: Everything You Need to Know

Gated properties aren’t just for the rich and famous. You, too, can mimic the opulent lifestyle of celebrities, A-listers, and professional athletes with a gate fending off those you don’t want on your property.

Tom Brady, Dave Bautista, and other Tampa residents will have nothing on you. To discover what options you have for custom gate installation in Tampa, read on.

Custom Gate Installation in Tampa

Gates come in all shapes and sizes. Gate shoppers would do well to start by choosing a gate’s design and material, then choosing its opening action, size, and accessories.

Let’s start with the materials you have to choose from. Driveway gates tend to be made of aluminum, wrought iron, or powder-coated steel.

Iron and steel are durable and strong. Aluminum is both cheaper and lighter than those materials, as well as rust-resistant. You could even get wood gates, but they need more maintenance than their metal counterparts because they’re more prone to warping and cracking.

Wood gates are heavy, too.

Let’s move on to gate design. It varies by manufacturer, but most residential driveway gates have vertical pickets in a perimeter frame. The three most common gate designs are the arched-top, flat-top, and arched-top with finials designs.

Flat-top gates are simple. They have a straight upper horizontal rail, making for a flat-top design.

Arched-top gates’ upper rail is bent to make a gradual, upsweeping arch. The pickets fit seamlessly within the rail. These are the most common kind of driveway gates.

Finally, we have arched-top gates with finials. These bad boys’ pickets extend beyond the upper rail. Each upper rail sports a decorative finial.

Gate Size Matters

Let’s talk gate size and other features of your next gate.

Ready-to-install gates are four- to six-feet-tall. They can be virtually as long or short as you want to fit your driveway’s width.

Single gates are usually 12 feet long, making them good for tight spaces and narrow driveways. Dual gates are 12, 14, or 16 feet long, providing more room for traffic to pass through. They’re a good choice for wide driveways.

Next, you choose whether you want your gate to operate by swinging or sliding.

Most residential driveway gates swing open because they need less space besides the driveway than a sliding gate. If you want an in-swinging gate that swings away from the person(s) entering and toward the house, then your driveway’s slope will have to accommodate it.

Driveways that are level or slope down toward the house can take an in-swinging gate.

Then there are gate accessories, of which there are myriad to choose from. Solar panels, intercom keypads, vehicle exiting devices, automatic gate locks, and pin locks are just a few of your accessories available.

Your Very Own Pearly Gates

While a gate at the end of your driveway may not skyrocket your social status to that of Brady, Bautista, or any of the many other famous denizens of the Cigar City, it’ll help.

Custom gate installation in Tampa is a high-class but affordable affair that gives you a wide range of options to choose from. For assistance in finding the driveway gate of your dreams, contact Florida Gate Masters today.

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