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Smoothly Saying Welcome: 4 Types of Gate Openers to Consider

There’s nothing like a manual entrance gate to hit your last nerve. Imagine—after another long day at work, you finally get home—well, almost. You can see your house from outside the gate; you just need to get in.

If your routine looks like this—getting home, getting out of the car to open the gate, getting back in the car to drive ten feet, getting outof the car to close the gate—that’s just no way to live.

Cue automatic gate openers. Florida’s charm lives in its architecture and house gates are a staple in the tropics. Having the right gate openers can give you the private, safe, and hassle-free life that Florida’s known for.

In a state that’s notorious for its gated homes and communities, you’re notliving easy until you’ve found the right gate opener for you.

Gate Openers

You may have the best looking gate in town, but it won’t do much for you if you can’t open it. If your gate’s been saying Keep Out more than it says Welcome In, it’s time for an automatic gate opener.

1. Electric Gate Opener

Instead of your former daily gate feud, imagine returning home from work ready to do the electric slide—the electric gate slide. It’s electric, boogie woogie woogie! 

Our various automatic door openers make it easy to make things easy! Depending on your preferences, automatic gate openers can be managed through keypads, remote control, electronic locks, sensor loops, or voice detection and intercom.

Knowing what’s easiest for you to remember—a code, a remote, or a password—will lead you to the best option.

2. Solar Power Gate Openers

Whether for your home or business, entrance gates are another invitation to get solar-powered! Especially living in the Sunshine State, some towns get up to 271 days of rays!

With a month more sun than most places, having a solar-powered gate opener can be triply rewarding—your home, Earth, and you will benefit from a sunnier disposition—guaranteed.

3. Phone Entry Gate Opener

If you’re not into the latest and greatest gadgets, a phone-controlled gate opener is the way to go. You can manage guests who buzz in from your phone and activate the gate from your couch.

Can you handle all that power?

4. Photo Eye Automatic Gate Opener

While the name makes it seem as though your sensor knows your eyeballs, that’s not what this means. A photoelectric sensor sends light beams to activate your gate once it sees your car.

Similar to being within range of an automatic garage door opener, a photo eye gate opener uses light to signal your gate.

Consider your gate upgrade as a fun time to experiment with ease. Which automatic gate opener embodies your kind of easy? What best represents your home and personality? 

Best Gate Opener

No matter how much ease an upgrade brings you, new installments come with an education as well as an adjustment period. Since we offer custom gates, however, we even make your adjustment to easy, easy!

Depending on what types of gates you have and how many, you’ll want to know your options in case you want different styles for different gates.

Before choosing the best automatic gate opener for you, consider the following questions.

  1. What are my main requests for this gate? Security? Privacy? Ease?
  2. What type of gate do I have or what might I want instead?
    • Gates slide every which way. There are single swing gates, double swing gates, vertical sliding gates, horizontal sliding gates, and tandem doors, to name a few.
    • What is its material? Metal, aluminum, vinyl, iron? Understanding the gate’s durability can help navigate which opener to use for it.
  3. What is this gate’s purpose? Is it the main gate entrance, a pedestrian gate, or for emergency access?
  4. Is this for my home or business? 
  5. How frequently is this gate used?

Answering these questions will guide you to the best gate opener. You may want a different installment for your emergency access gate than you do for the main entrance.

There are different motor styles and sizes to install depending on your gate’s preferred form of movement. Bring your ideas and we’ll bring the tools.

There’s No Place Like Home

When it comes to Florida living, your home is not just a house, it’s an experience. Unlike most places where home starts when you walk in the door, here, home starts once your gates open. 

Florida homes are masterpieces; each unique unto itself. Having a manual gate contradicts what Florida homes and homeowners stand for. Don’t let your gate mute your home’s magic; it’s begging you to enchant people with an automatic opener. 

House gates are meant for privacy, protection, and aesthetics. If you have a manual gate, you’re on the wrong side of the fence! Gates aren’t meant to keep you out of your own home, but to welcome you back with open arms, or…open bars.

The last thing we’d want is for you to feel like a guest in your own home because you’re gated out of it. Having the right gate openers is the easiest way to reclaim a sense of homeownership. No more fighting fences.

Gates aren’t meant to give off jail vibes; they’re merely guarding your castle. Be the gatekeeper. Let us help you let yourself back in!

Call us for a free estimate to find out which gate openers are right for you. The password is Open Sesame.

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