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What to Do When Your Gate Opener Breaks

Oh no, it has happened again. Your garage door has broken. You are trying to get through the gate and it does not open.

Has this happened to you? Do you understand the frustration?

If you are wondering what to do if and when your gate opener breaks? Never fear. Read on to learn everything you need to do when your opener breaks.

Is It Non-Electrical?

Sometimes your problems can be simple and more easily fixed. The problems with your gate are something that does not mean your gate is completely broken beyond repair.

These problems could be something like a physical obstruction, or something with the wheels is off. So, first shut off the power to your gate and then try and move the gate by hand. Check for anything blocking the gate, and look at the wheels to see if the wheels are on track and the chain is still intact.

If your gate is in a garden area or similar area, it is very easy for the gate to get debris stuck in it or have the wheels get dislodged from the track because of a rock.

Another easy fix, if your gate has a remote control, you could just need new remote control batteries.

What if it is Electrical?

Now, you have ruled out that nothing is blocking the way and that there everything physically looks okay. This probably means that something electrical is the issue.

Was there a power outage? Or a major storm that took out the powerlines in your area? The electrical problem could be as simple as turning your gate opener back on.

There may be a light on your control panel or board telling you exactly what is wrong. If there is no indicator light to guide your way, the first thing is first, reset the power. Even try and unplug the breaker and everything power source associated with the gate! A total reset is sometimes all the gate needs.

The next thing to check is any cameras or motion sensors on the gate opener if you have them. If something is obstructing the view of the camera then your gate will not open.

Another thing that happens frequently is the “hold open” button or command was hit and that could be causing your problems.

One of the other electrical things that may need to be fixed is the exit probe. The exit probe is underground and that would be a problem where you would need to call in the experts to help you.

Other Things That Can Help

We all know that there are a lot of other situations that can arise when your gate opener breaks. Here are some other problems and solutions to help you fix your broken gate opener.

Bad weather-low or cold temperatures?

If low temperatures hit all of a sudden, your gate opener’s metal components start to contract. This makes opening the gate even more difficult. Or the battery may be having problems. The cold weather makes it harder for the battery to start.

To prevent this, one of the best things that you can do is get Styrofoam insulation and put some into the bottom and sides of the gate opener. Be careful to not apply any Styrofoam on the top of the battery!

You can also disconnect all of the cables and clean off the ends.

What is that Sound?

Sometimes your gate makes a beeping sound and it just won’t stop. You can try adding a second battery so that the gate opener has more power overall. This will prevent any beeping if the battery dies during a storm and then comes back on.

There are several types of gate openers as well. Some gate openers are less prone to this problem than others.

Your Gate Simply Won’t Open?

Your driveway may be at fault for this problem. If you have a swinging gate that won’t open, the door may not be able to open because it is hitting the ground. You will need to hang the gate higher or have the doors swing the other way.

Also, the gate will not open if the safety loop sensor is triggered. Go check and see if there is something in front of the sensor before assuming it is malfunctioning. If nothing is preventing the gate from opening or closing, then it is time to call a technician to come to fix the sensor.

The Gate Does Not Stop Where It Should

If your gate is stopping in random spots, or not exactly where it is meant to, this is because there is a problem with the limit switch nut.

If you press the limit switch nut back out of its designated slot on the limit shaft, you should be able to get it back in the correct place.

Florida Gate Masters Help You Repair Your Gate Opener

Let’s say that you have tried everything. You have worked through the issues with your gate opener that we just outlined and you do not feel comfortable taking care of them on your own or do not have time, let the professionals handle it.

Florida Gate Masters has become the most trusted gate installation company in the Tampa Florida area. Not only would we be able to help fix your gate, but we install custom gates as well.

For gates that will not break down on you, give Florida Gate Masters a call today. You will receive the highest quality gates with the most amazing customer service.

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