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10 Gate Designs to Consider for Your Custom Gate

In 2009, 11 million households were within gated communities. Today, you can bet that number is even higher.

While you might not live in a gated community, perhaps you want the same type of security and safety a gate can offer. In that case, you can have your own custom gate built to safeguard your property.

Not sure where to start for gate designs? Then we’re here to help. Read on for 10 house front gate designs to consider.

1. Solid Slider Gate

If you’re not a person who’s really bothered about design, or you love simple and clean looks, then a solid slider gate is perfect for you. This is also perfect for those who want complete privacy, as the gate is totally solid, meaning no one can see in easily once the gate is closed.

A slider gate is nice and heavy, as well as sturdy. So not only will it block people’s view if you’re in front of a busy street, but it’ll also dissuade intruders from trying to break into your property.

Because it slides left and right instead of swinging forwards and backwards, a slider gate can be nice to have if you’re working with limited room.

2. Aluminum Screen Gate

This takes the solid slider gate and tones it down just a little bit. It’ll give people on either side just a glimpse of what’s on the other side, but not a completely transparent view. This allows you to get some light in, all without compromising too much on your privacy.

Aluminum screen gates are also a bit more stylish and elegant. So this may be a sleeker approach to gate design when compared with the solid slider gate.

3. Mesh Gate

If you want a house gate design that doesn’t obstruct the view either in front or behind it, consider getting a mesh gate; in particular, iron mesh. This will give a very contemporary and refreshing look while still providing very good security.

An iron mesh gate can be ideal for showing off a beautiful lawn behind it.

4. Wrought Iron Gate

Wrought iron gates date back to the 15th century and made up the very first railings. Because of this, wrought iron gates have a victorian look that’s both classic and timeless.

If you want a gate that’s more on the intricate side, then wrought iron is a good choice. They’ll be a great match for your property if it also has some history behind it.

5. Frosted Glass Gate

Frosted glass can be the perfect material to use if you want something solid but not completely opaque. When done correctly, it can give off quite a striking look, as it’ll play with the changing light throughout the day.

Think about combining it with steel or other types of metals to give it a great contrasting appearance.

6. Laser-Cut Gate

Do you want something that’ll stand out against other more boring and traditional designs? Then you’ll want to consider a laser-cut front gate. This type of gate will allow you to bring any pattern or design to life.

You can really elevate the look of your home with a laser-cut gate. This offers a clever design that gives outsiders just enough of a glimpse inside.

7. Solid Wood Gate

For those of you who want something more natural-looking, you’ll want to swap out the metal for wood. A good choice of wood can be cedar, as it’s not only resistant to rotting, but it’s also sound-resistant. You won’t have to worry about your gate making tons of noise whenever you open or close it.

You can have stone posts on either side of the gate to give it more of a woodsy look.

8. Farmhouse Gate

Want a little of both wood and metal? Then perhaps a farmhouse gate would work for your home.

The main material of the gate would be wood. But instead of the entire thing being solid, it can have some vertical metal bars at the top. This allows some visibility and light to shine through if you’re not a fan of the solid gate look.

This can also add to your interior aesthetics, especially if you have more of the farmhouse theme for areas like your kitchen.

9. Ranch-Style Gate

Going back to the idea of using a wooden gate, maybe you don’t want light and visibility blocked out at all. In that case, a ranch-style gate can give you just what you need.

This is also a very budget-friendly option, as all you’ll need are some bits of wood and paint. You can put together some very simple yet beautiful gates quickly and affordably.

10. Gate With Pergola

If you really want to go all out, you can select one of gate designs from above and add a simple concrete pergola around it. This will give your home’s front gate a unique look that no other house around has.

It may help to work with a professional on this, as they can not only help with the installation, but also the design. This allows you to get something that’s maximized on function as well as aesthetics.

Use These Gate Designs as Inspiration

Now you have some great gate designs that you can draw inspiration from for your own gate. Feel free to mix up these designs and put your own personal touch on them to really make them your own.

Once you get your front gate design down, the next thing is to work with a great company. For instance, we at Florida Gate Masters have years of experience doing both on-site welding and custom designs. We’ll help create something you’ll be proud of to display.

Are you ready to order a custom gate? Then request a quote from us now.

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