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Open Sesame: How Gate Access Control Works

Did you know there’s one property crime every 4.4 seconds in the US?

With numbers like those, you can’t afford to be casual when it comes to home and office safety. Gated entry systems are a convenient, attractive, and effective way to secure your property.

Have you ever wondered how automatic gates work? Are you aware of the benefits you’ll gain with gate access control?

In this post, we’ll discuss those important topics. Read on to learn more—your security depends on it!

How a Gate Access System Works

It might seem like something out of a spy movie, but the technology behind gate access control is actually quite simple.

The gate is electronically “locked” and connected to an IP network or access control server. The connection could be hardwired or wireless, depending on the type of gate opener you choose.

To open the gate, the user needs to enter the proper credentials. This could be a password or a keycard, or they could call the property owner via phone to ask for permission to enter.

Once access is approved or granted, the system sends an electronic signal to the gate and voila! The gate opens and you can enter without breaking a sweat.

How Gate Access Control Works

Now that you understand the technology, what about the actual mechanics of gate access control?

Once the access request is approved, the electronic signal reaches the control panel attached to the gate. If the gate uses a swinging arm opener, it will push open the gate, hold it open for a set amount of time, and then pull it shut again.

A sliding gate opener usually operates with a motorized gear control. A gear rack mounted on the gate signals the gate to open, which it does by sliding to one side along a track.

Most gate operating systems are connected to your home or office’s power supply, although many companies offer solar power options. Some also feature a battery-operated backup function so the gate will work in the event of a power outage.

Safety & Security Concerns

If you’re worried about an automatic gate closing on a vehicle (or worse, a person), don’t be.

Like an automatic garage door, automatic gates come equipped with safety sensors. These prompt it to stop if it detects an object in its path or meets any resistance while operating.

Most systems come with their own access control panel and keypads designed by the manufacturer. Newer gates may also allow the use of advanced technology like biometric scanners or integrated intercom and video systems.

Are You Ready to Enhance Your Security?

Sure, you could install an old-fashioned gate and get out of your car every time you need to open it.

But now that you know about gate access control (and how it works), doesn’t it make more sense to choose an automatic gate system?

Here at Florida Gate Masters, we have a wide variety of gates and operation systems to suit every style. Contact us today and let’s discuss your needs.

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